The History of Informed Families

In the Fall of 1982, several events acted as the catalyst for creating Informed Families. Betty Sue Veal of Florida Informed Parents asked Peggy Sapp to convene a meeting of different individuals and groups who might be interested in addressing the drug abuse problems among adolescents in Miami.

Carole Masington, Marlene Josefsberg and Miriam Hinds had just returned from the National Federation of Parents for Drug Free Youth (NFP) in Washington, D.C. Betty Ann Good and several other people had been looking into the problem from a criminal perspective and were considering creating drug prevention programs through Youth Crime Watch. As Mrs. Veal spoke and group discussion occurred, it became obvious that Ms. Masington, Josefsberg, Hinds, Sapp and Good were the ones who would carry the idea forward. The next step was a trip to Naples, Florida to discuss structure and seek advice from Pat Barton, a founder of the Parent Movement. After many hours of work, it was decided to start a new organization. The First Executive Committee was:

President: Carole Masington

1st Vice-Presidents: Betty Ann Good and Peggy Sapp

2nd Vice-Presidents: Joan Fischer and Marlene Josefsberg

Treasurer: H. Bruce Hayden

Corresponding Secretary: Miriam Hinds

Recording Secretary: Laurel Wolfson

Informed Families of Dade County, Inc. was incorporated in December, 1982, and a Board of Directors was recruited. The Board was selected for demonstrated interest and expertise with the drug problem. The original Board was comprised of: Susan Albert, Bruce Alexander, Esq., Linda Baron, Paul Bell, Say Bilchik, Esq., Susan Borman, Dr. Marylyn Broman, Det. Earl Chantlos, Gina Craig, Adm. Van T. Edsall, T. Willard Fair, Marilyn Finkelstein, Merle Frank, Helene Gissen, Dr. Frank LaVecchia, Judge Bruce Levy, Dr. Dolores Morgan, Gwen Richman, Dr. William Stokes, Pat Sullivan, and Dale Webb.

Support from many different sectors contributed to the rapid growth and success of INFORMED FAMILIES. The Metro-Dade Police Department, State Attorney, Superintendent of Schools, and government officials unselfishly gave of their time, talent, materials and manpower to bring the Parent Movement to Dade County.

Informed Families of Dade County, Inc, eventually became Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership, Inc. after expanding its reach throughout the State of Florida.

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