Parent Peer Groups


Proven Substance Abuse Prevention Techniques for You and Your Children

The Parent Peer Group (PPG) is an educational support system for parents. PPGs create fun, frequent opportunities for parents to share thoughts, activities and philosophies on "what works".

PPGs are guided by the Informed Families' Parent Pilot Kit, a science-based, proactive notebook designed to educate and involve parents of pre-teens and teens in creating a safe, healthy, drug-free lifestyle. PPGs can be organized at a school, house of worship, home or restaurant where parents can be comfortable and speak freely.

The initial four sessions will focus on four key topics called agendas:

  1. Brain Development - How the teen brain develops and the harmful affects of drugs and alcohol.
  2. Harmful Media - Understanding media (TV, Internet, Radio, Print) messages and changing their impact in your home.
  3. Social Norms - Identifying and changing social norms affecting your family.
  4. Building Parent Peer Groups - How to create and expand the positive impact of Parent Peer Groups in your community.

Parent Peer Group Leader Resources

Ready to get started facilitating your own Parent Peer Groups? Here are a few reminders and important links:

  • Inform your Informed Families contact of intention to hold a Parent Peer Group. 
  • Send participants agenda or link to agenda information that will be discussed. 
  • Have participants sign an attendance sheet or save a screenshot of virtual participants. 
  • Have participants complete pre/post test 
  • Return: Invoice, PPK Leader Contract, W-9, attendance to your Informed Families contact. 

Remember when conducting the group session(s), you can provide all 4 agendas on the same day or break it up. For your convenience, I am including the paper-based tests and answer keys. 

The completed individual tests must be submitted at the time of your stipend request. Four (4) parts per participant. 
If you choose to utilize the electronic format, please notify us and we can pull up the report of the date(s) you led the group. 

In a nut-shell, whenever you conduct your group session(s), you’ll need the following:

  • Sign-in sheet
  • Demographic forms 
  • Pre/post tests
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Invoice


PowerPoint Presentation

Participant Survey Links

Payment Documents

Would You Like a PPG in Your Community?

The goal of a Parent Peer Group is to provide parents the skills to set boundaries and monitor their children's behavior by creating an informal support system with their children's friends parents and in their children's schools. By fostering communication between parents, Parent Peer Groups help parents maintain a healthy environment for their children, keeping them safe, healthy, and drug-free.

If you would like to start a PPG in your neighborhood or just find out more information about attending one, call Informed Families at 305-856-4886 or email the Statewide Program Director, Christine Stilwell. 

Coming Soon

Attend a Parent Peer Group online. Informed Families is working to expand the Parent Network. Look for opportunities to participate in online parent forums and more video based versions of our Parent Pilot Kit (PPK) coming soon.

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