Informed Families partners with local communities to bring three substance abuse prevention programs and our four universal prevention campaigns to schools around Florida. Our programs and coalitions engage the local community by providing facts about substance abuse trends in their area, tools to keep their kids safe and events to spread the prevention message.


Community Action Teams
Our Community Action Teams (CATs) are a resource
for schools and educators. They offer parent workshops,
prevention education for students and fun substance
abuse prevention events to keep kids safe, healthy
and drug free.

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Red Ribbon Ambassador

Informed Families Leave Behind Flyer
The Red Ribbon Ambassador program allows Informed
Families to bring our four universal prevention education,
tips facts to schools year-round. Learn more.

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South Miami Coalition

South Miami Coalition
The SMC is focused on reducing the number of kids
drinking and smoking in the South Miami Community.
It brings together business, law enforcement, education,
health care, government, faith organizations, service
organizations, the media, youth and parents to change
perceptions that youth drug and alcohol use in "cool".

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Miami Shores Community

The Greater Miami Shores Community
A Community Task Force focused on underage drinking
and drug prevention for children in Greater Miami
Shores area.

Red Ribbon Schools

Red Ribbon Certified Schools

Red Ribbon Certified Schools promote academic 
excellence through prevention. Since 2005, over 63 
schools nationwide have received the honor or Red
Ribbon certification.

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South Dade One Voice Community Coalition

South Dade One Voice Youth Coalition (SDOVYC) is a youth organization dedicated to educating our peers and their families about substance use. This is done through advocating, assessing community needs and working within our community to provide resources and knowledge that will help families understand more about underage substance use and other critical areas that surround our community.

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