DRAFT - LYM Posters 12x18

She gets her hair
from her mom.

Her eyes from
her dad.

And her drugs
from her parents’ kitchen cabinet.

44.6% of people who misuse prescription drugs get them from family or friends. Prevent your children, friends and relatives from misusing your own medication by securing your meds in places they cannot access.

Secure Your Medicine to Prevent Youth Prescription Drug Misuse

The Lock Your Meds campaign, created by the National Family Partnership, is a universal prevention campaign intended to save lives by preventing prescription drug misuse, which is the fastest growing substance misuse problem in America. Did you know that 44.6% of misused medications come from family and friends, not a stranger/drug dealer or the internet? Lock Your Meds encourages people to secure and take regular inventory of their medication so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Many adults may be unintentional suppliers and awareness is the key to ending this preventable epidemic.


Campaign Tools


Parent Tools

Parents, here are some downloads, tips and facts about prescription drug misuse. Educate yourself and your children.
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Ambassador Toolkit

Promote Lock Your Meds to students and parents at your school or in your community. Become an ambassador.
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Student Tools

Students, here are some downloads, tips and facts about prescription drug misuse. Educate yourself and your peers!
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Take the Pledge

Take the Lock Your Meds pledge to take inventory, secure your medicines and spread the word about Rx misuse.
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Spread the Message in Your Child's School or Community

Become an Informed Families AmbassadorYour promotion of this important message could save the life of a child in your community!

Take the Pledge

Take a stand against prescription drug abuse.

By completing the form below and participating in the Lock Your Meds campaign, I pledge to do the following:

  • Secure my medication to prevent children and guests from accessing it.
  • Take regular inventory of my medicine to make sure nothing is missing.
  • Safely dispose of unused or expired medication.
  • Teach my children (and/or the children in my life) the difference between helpful medicine and harmful drugs – and to only take medicine that is prescribed by a doctor and given by a parent or caregiver.
  • Spread the word and encourage family and friends to take a stand against prescription drug abuse.