Save Students' Lives By Branding Prevention At Your Schools & Statewide

Put Informed Families’ four campaign buttons on your website, parent portal and newsletter (top right corner, above the fold)!


To engage parents and promote safe, healthy and drug free kids year round. When parents click on the button, they will link back to the IF website for tools, tips and ways to get involved in helping children at your school grow up safe, healthy and drug free.


Fill out the form on this page and we’ll give you the HTML code. Take that to your webmaster to add to the website and the banners will be automatically updated on your site throughout the year, to highlight the current campaign.


Click the individual images below to download each campaign banner:

FD.png RRW-1

LYM.png SHSP_HS.png


Get the Code! (and Give It To The School Webmaster)