Community Action Teams (CATs)

Community Action Teams are a powerful prevention delivery system, designed to help promote healthy and drug-free kids. The Community Action Team (CAT) program, created by Informed Families, incorporates a variety of integrated approaches to increase protective factors for children and to reduce risk factors for substance abuse prevention. The CAT program promotes:

  1. Environmental change in the school and community
  2. Parents' ability to communicate with their children and network with other parents to set appropriate rules and boundaries
  3. Youth's communication skills and helps them build a positive future directed sense of self.

CATs target middle school youth because that is where scientific studies suggest the need and impact is greatest.

CATs identify indigenous community leaders, trained in strategic planning and community mobilization, to coordinate activities.

CATs assess needs of a particular school neighborhood and engage that community in prevention activities.

CATs unite the community around a common goal to reduce children's substance abuse

CATs use a common menu of activities including:

  • Youth Groups
  • Refrigerator News (TM)
  • Family Day Campaign
  • Parent Peer Groups
  • Red Ribbon Campaign Activities
  • Monthly Parent Networking Breakfasts
  • Safe Homes/Safe Parties (TM) Campaign
  • Reach Out Now Teach-Ins

For more information about Community Action Teams, please contact us at (305) 856-4886 or