The Greater Miami Shores Community

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Informed Families has a long history of working with the Miami Shores Community.

More recently, Informed Families was hired by Miami Shores to do a Community Survey, referred to as a Community Needs Assessment. The Assessment is a project spearheaded by the Greater Miami Shores Chamber of Commerce through their Community Needs Assessment Task Force. The task force was a spinoff of the Chamber’s Education Task Force, led by Georgee Kluck and Tammy Austin, and focused its efforts on underage drinking and drug prevention for children in Greater Miami Shores. That task force sponsored a tremendously successful "It Takes A Village To Save A Child" event during Red Ribbon Week in October 2007. In 2008, the Community Needs Assessment was voted the #1 priority for 2009 by the Chamber Board of Directors at its Annual Goals Retreat. The 2010 Task Force consists of Lew Soli, Chamber Executive Director, Georgee Kluck, Chair, Amy Goldstein & Mark Piper, Co-Chairs, and Tammy Austin and Roxanne Davies.

The objective of this project is to develop a community profile to identify programmatic needs in the community that will serve as a protective buffer for our children, while identifying some of the major risks our children face. With this information, all sectors of the community can come together to (1) determine how to intervene, (2) change conditions to reduce these risks and (3) how to build on community strengths that protect our children.


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