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Back-to-School Guide

A parent is a child’s first teacher and the most influential educator in a child’s life. Informed Families (IF) is excited to share the "Back-to-School" Special to welcome all parents and families, the Original Social Network for the 2023-24 school year. We hope this checklist helps parents and families to stress a little less during the flurry of back-to-school. Let’s kick-off a successful 2023-24 school year!

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Parent Tools and Downloads

Miami-Dade County School Calendar

2023-2024 Elementary and Secondary Calendar

Parent Report Card

I.F. Parent Report Card (Current 2023) (1)

Family rules chart

The Family Rules Chart determines clear and concise rules about things such as bedtime and TV. Here are some ways you can create effective rules for your child:

  • Monitor and filter the messages your child receives via the media (internet and television) by speaking to them and driving home the messages and values you want your child to establish around different topics.
  • Limit screen time to 1 or 2 hours per day.
  • Teach your child organization and importance of keeping consistent schedules, for example, bedtimes, dinner, etc.
Family_Rules_Form (Updated 2023) (3)

Family Chores Chart

The Family Chores Chart supports your child in developing a sense of responsibility via chores, tasks, and accountability. We suggest parents start a chore chart in 4th grade since there is a greater sense of responsibility.

Here Are Some Examples to Help You Get Started!
Ages 2-4:
Put Your Toys Away in Bins
Put Your Shoes in The Closet
Get Dressed Every Morning
Brush Your Teeth
Put Your Books Away

Ages 5-7:            
(Should Be Able to Complete All Chores Above)
Make Your Bed
Feed And Water Your Pet
Put Dirty Clothes Away in Hamper
Put School Bookbag Away in Closet
Help To Set the Table
Ages 8-10:
(Should Be Able to Complete All Chores Above)
Complete Personal Hygiene
Help To Load Laundry and Put Away Clothes
Help To Put Away Groceries.
Feed, Water and Walk Your Pet
Help To Sweep/Vacuum/Mop the Floors
Ages 11-15:
(Should Be Able to Complete All Chores Above)
Wash Family Car(s)
Help To Load, Fold, And Put Away Clothes
Clean You Own Room and Common Areas
Work On Homework/Classwork/Lessons
Plan And Work on School Projects
Cook Simple Meals with Supervision
Ages 15+:
(Should Be Able to Complete All Chores Above)
Cook Meal for Family
Clean Out and Vacuum Own Car/Family Car
Wake Up on Own Using Alarm
Learn To Use Other Means of Transportation (Bus, Metrorail, Carpooling)
Plan For and Complete Homework and School Projects

Family_Chores_Chart (Updated 2023) (2)

Family Rewards Chart

The Family Rewards Chart help your child set goals and develop skills and abilities according to interests. It is important to show praises for accomplishments and making good decisions.

Family_Reward_Chart with Sample-1

Tips for Managing Bakc to School Stress (1)


Explore the links provided below and unlock a treasure trove of invaluable resources.

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Get Ready for Back-to-School Season!

MDCPS Welcomes You Back for 2023-23 School Year!

The Back-to-School website contains important information about requirements and available services to make sure you and your family are ready to start on the first day of school, August 17th, and not miss a thing.

Looking for an Afterschool Program?

MDCPS Specialty Services

Department of Mental Health Services

Project UP-START

Is your student experiencing unstable housing or is couch surfing? Contact (305) 995-7558 for help.

Find Mental Health and Substance Use Services in South Florida

I Have a Question or a Concern About My Child’s School Bus Transportation.  Who Should I Contact?

Parents should always contact their child’s school when they have a question or a concern about their child’s transportation.  If needed, the school will contact the appropriate staff at the Department of Transportation to make sure the question or concern is properly responded to.   This will help to ensure that all questions and concerns are answered as promptly as possible.

Department of Transportation

The Parent Academy

The Parent Academy supports and motivates families with access to information and vital resources in the form of a wide variety of training tools, webinars, and resources. The Parent Academy is holding new, weekly webinars in English, Spanish, Creole.  

Looking to Be Involved in You Students School Life? Click Here Join the MDCPS PTSA 

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