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Introducing The 2018 Red Ribbon Theme: Life Is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.™

Posted by Informed Families on February 16, 2018 at 12:57 PM

Drum roll, please! After receiving thousands of Red Ribbon Week theme ideas from students, parents, educators, law enforcement and community members across the U.S., the National Family Partnership proudly announced this year's winning theme: "Life Is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free™." 

Taeya Moore, a student at Solon Middle School in Solon, Ohio created the theme for 2018 Red Ribbon Week, which takes place October 23-31, and will receive $500 of prevention materials for her school.

The annual National Red Ribbon Theme Contest, sponsored by the National Family Partnership, offers students and other prevention supporters the opportunity to be a part of history. The winning slogan will be used throughout 2018 in thousands of schools and communities across America.

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Announcing The 2015 National Red Ribbon Week Youth Ambassador

Posted by Informed Families on July 27, 2015 at 9:56 AM

The National Family Partnership is proud to announce that this year’s National Red Ribbon Week Youth Ambassador is Johanna Colón of Raleigh, North Carolina. Johanna was selected for her tremendous spirit, wonderful dance skills, commitment to healthy activities, kindness towards others, leadership qualities, self-confidence and her self-respect – all demonstrated in a three-minute, viral YouTube video, viewed by an estimated 20 million people. Johanna’s qualities and her song selection tie in perfectly with this year’s Red Ribbon Week theme: Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.™

“When we respect ourselves, we make healthy choices and we protect our bodies and minds,” said Peggy Sapp, president of the National Family Partnership. “Johanna’s contagious energy, enthusiasm, spirit, leadership qualities and self-confidence make her the perfect youth ambassador and representative for this year’s theme.”

No stranger to Red Ribbon Week, Johanna celebrates the event every year at her local elementary school in Raleigh, North Carolina.

“Red Ribbon Week is so much fun and I am very excited,” said Johanna. “When you respect yourself, you love yourself, you are healthy and you don’t do drugs. I hope I can help a lot of kids.”

Coincidentally, Johanna’s mom, Elissa Colón, is a former elementary school teacher who organized Red Ribbon Week activities each year for students at her school.

“My first reaction when hearing that Johanna was selected to be a Youth Ambassador for Red Ribbon Week was sheer excitement,” said Elissa Colón. “I think it’s an amazing opportunity for her to learn what a difference she can make in this world. As a parent and former teacher, Red Ribbon Week is important to me because I want my children and other children to succeed in life and be productive, happy adults, which would not be possible if they engage in drug use.”

Elissa Colón sees Red Ribbon Week as a gift to parents and schools – and a wonderful opportunity to introduce a sometimes difficult, but nonetheless important, topic to children.

“I would encourage all parents to take advantage of Red Ribbon Week and use it as a fun, non-threatening way to engage their children in conversations about being healthy, respecting themselves and staying drug free.”

As the Youth Ambassador, Johanna will help spread the Red Ribbon Week message in her local schools; at national Red Ribbon events; online through social media; through print, TV and online media interviews and other opportunities as they arise.

Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31) is the oldest and largest drug prevention program in the nation, celebrated by an estimated 80 million people each year. Learn more about Red Ribbon Week at


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Introducing The 2015 Red Ribbon Theme: Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free™

Posted by Informed Families on February 23, 2015 at 1:13 PM

“I am so excited and happy,” said Kristofer Calhoun, winner of the 2015 National Red Ribbon Theme Contest, shortly after his surprise recognition ceremony at Solon Middle School in Solon, Ohio. “I am shocked that I won out of so many entries.”

The 2015 National Red Ribbon theme is “Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free.”

“Respecting yourself means looking at yourself every day and treating yourself like you would treat someone you loved most in the world,” said Kristofer, 13. “If you do drugs, you really don’t have self-confidence and you don’t respect yourself."

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