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Dad, Can I Throw A Party?

Posted by David Williams, Jr. on March 11, 2015 at 2:48 PM


Picture this.

Son asked father if he could have a party.

Father said, “yes.”

Father asked son if he could help with the planning.

Son said friends were taking care of it.

Two DJs came to set up for party in the back yard.

Party started.

Father was in the house entertaining friends.

Sometime later, father checked on the party.

Father saw a flyer saying “girls free before 10:30pm.”

Father discovered nearly 2000 guests.

Father asked what they were drinking.

Reply was “Gatorade.”

Father smelled alcohol in drink.

Father discovered that the alcohol was hidden from view on opposite side of fence.

Father immediately shuts down party.

Party guests ignored father’s request.

Father had to call the police department for assistance in removing guests.

Police arrived.

It took police one hour and a half to remove guests.

It was discovered that friends had placed invitation flyers on every exit on the freeway.

Guests parked on neighbor’s property and damaged lawn.

Father had to replace neighbor’s grass.

Yes, this happened to me. I was extremely lucky that while my son’s party got out of hand quickly and I incurred a financial cost, nothing truly catastrophic occurred that night. Even those of us with the best intentions can face unexpected consequences if we don’t educate ourselves and plan accordingly when our children want to host a party or attend a party.

Informed Families developed the Safe Homes Smart Parties® campaign to educate and empower parents to take action to prevent springtime tragedies from occurring as a result of underage drinking and drug use during spring celebrations. We encourage you to take the pledge and read our tips for hosting and attending parties. Then, we hope you will help spread our message to your family, friends, children’s friends’ parents, neighbors and colleagues. The life you save may be that of your own child or a dear friend.

David Williams, Jr., is the Director of Community Relations at Informed Families.


Throwing a party for your teenage child? Get parenting tips for keeping them safe, while having a good time!

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