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We Want to Help Our Teachers: Lesson Plan and Online Curriculum Ready for Your Students

Posted by Informed Families on April 1, 2020 at 8:30 AM


So many amazing teachers serve as Informed Families Ambassadors. They work hard to deliver our fun and effective universal prevention campaigns, which help kids grow up safe, healthy and drug free. We thank you for what you do as a professional and the service you provide.

We know you have never experienced anything like what we are currently experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic. For many teachers, transitioning from the classroom to online teaching has not been easy.

Let's face it, you are not only concerned for the well-being of your students, you are also probably worried if they will be behind in their lessons and if they are getting the proper support at home to meet their educational needs.

We understand kids are home now; many of them with ample time and access to prescription medications or other substances that can be dangerous to their health. Therefore, our team has put together a virtual lesson for students titled "Lock Your Meds".

That's right, it's one less lesson for you to plan. We have used the Sunshine State Standards for Language Arts, in an attempt to reinforce one of the core subjects, while keeping distance learning easy and fun.

Here you will find all the details for your lesson:

  1. Lesson Plan
  2. Clickable link for your students (includes the presentation and assessment).

All you need to do is share this link with your students via the same platform you are currently using to communicate with them.

We have also created a simple assessment, which we will score for you. We can even provide you with a report for your school, so that you can identify your students and acknowledge those who completed this assignment.

Our team at Informed Families appreciates your support in getting this valuable information out to your students. We want to ensure your students stay healthy and continue to grow academically, even at home.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mery Dominguez at


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