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People Are Gifts

Posted by Peggy B. Sapp, President & CEO on December 9, 2022 at 5:43 PM

President's Message - December 2022

As we enter the “official” season of giving, we all start to think about appropriate gifts for each of our loved ones. We may forget, however, that the gift of ourselves is the best gift of all. The following essay is one which we have published before, many times, but it never fails to touch my heart and helps me realize anew how important its message is. I hope you enjoy it too. Happy Holidays!

PeggyPeople Are Gifts Sent To Me Wrapped!
Some are wrapped beautifully;
They are attractive when I first see them.

Some come in very ordinary wrapping paper.
Others have been mishandled in the mail.
Once in a while, there is a “Special Delivery.”

Some persons are gifts that come very loosely wrapped;
Others very tightly.

But the wrapping is not the gift!
It is easy to make that mistake…
It is amusing when babies do it.

Sometimes the gifts are very easy to open.
Sometimes I need others to help.
Is it because they are afraid?
Does it hurt?
Maybe they have been opened up before and thrown away~

I am a person.
Therefore, I am a gift to myself first of all.

Have I ever looked inside the wrappings?
Afraid to?
Perhaps I’ve never accepted the gift that I am.
Could there be something else inside the wrappings than what I think there is?
Maybe I’ve never seen the wonderful gift that I am!

Am I a gift to other people?

Do others have to be content with my wrappings…
Never permitted to enjoy the gift?

Every meeting of persons is an exchange of gifts.

But a gift without a giver is not a gift.

Friendship is the gift of persons to each other,
For each other, and for others.

Happy Holidays To You & Your Family From All Of Us At Informed Families.

-Peggy Sapp, President & CEO

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