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President's Message - February 2019

Posted by Peggy B. Sapp, President & CEO on February 26, 2019 at 1:11 PM

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How We Pass Down Values To The Next Generation

From the moment our children are born, everything we do, every choice we make and every action we may or may not take communicates our values. Our kids are absorbing our every move, soaking up our interactions with them and with others.

We want them to learn right from wrong, how to be kind to others, how to recognize and manage their emotions and how to be honest, responsible and fair. Not only are our children more pleasant to be around when they learn these things, but they are more likely to be happy, perform well in school and become a productive members of society. 

The loss of our great supporter, friend and philanthropist Betty Chapman this past week is a great reminder that we have the ability to not only pass values down to our children and their children, but we can pass down values in a community. Betty’s dedication to her community will continue to influence others to give back to their communities for decades to come.

We are so grateful to our original supporters' children and grandchildren, people like Justin Beckham and Tom Pennekamp, who are continuing the tradition of supporting our annual Dinner at Joe's. Values are caught more frequently than taught. 

Each of us has the power to influence the world around us at some level.  Every decision we make, whether it be to recycle or not recycle, to secure our medication or leave it out in the open, to befriend our neighbors or remain isolated, to speak up when a parent is hosting teenage parties where alcohol and drugs are present – influences future generations. What legacy will you leave your family and community?


Join us in helping us end the opioid epidemic by securing your medication, taking regular inventory to ensure nothing is missing and safely disposing of unused and expired medication.


Learn More about Lock Your Meds


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