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The Lock Your Meds® campaign, created by the National Family Partnership, is a universal prevention campaign intended to save lives from prescription drug misuse. Lock Your Meds® encourages people to secure and take regular inventory of their medication so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Take action by taking the Lock Your Meds pledge and check out our downloads, tips and facts below about prescription drug misuse. Educate yourself and your children.


Keep your medication secured with these handy Vaultz® products:

Vaultz® Locking Medicine Case

Vaultz® Locking Medicine Pouch


Download these FREE tools to spread the word and take action against prescription drug misuse in your home and community:


image Meducation Guide

Six easy lessons on prescription drug use trends among teens, slang terms used by abusers and steps you can take to secure your medication.


Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe Tips For Keeping Your Child Safe

Seven things you can do today to keep your family safe from prescription drug misuse.


Medicinal Inventory Card Home Medicine Inventory Card

An easy way to regularly track your medication to be sure nothing is missing.


Medicinal Inventory CardMedication Safety A to Z Guide

Safe purchasing, use, storage, and disposal of medications is essential to protect you, your family, and your community from the dangers of drug abuse, misuse, and overdose.





Dispose of Old Medicines



Learn The Signs of Abuse and Get Help

Learn the warning signs that someone is misusing medications. Find out what to do in an emergency. Download the poison help guide.



 Want To Know More?

Need more information or want to spread the word in your community? Access more Lock Your Meds® campaign information and order brochures from the National Family Partnership.