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Congrats To 18 All Star Schools For 2014-2015 School Year

Posted by Informed Families on May 26, 2015 at 2:42 PM

Florida Schools Honored For Prevention Success During 2014-2015 School Year

Sonia_Ledger_Cypress_Creek_with_volunteersGo Team! 18 schools across the State of Florida just earned bragging rights for their outstanding efforts to help prevent underage drinking and substance abuse. The All Star Safe, Healthy & Drug Free Schools were selected and recognized by Informed Families.

The schools (listed below) were chosen among hundreds of schools participating in Informed Families’ Ambassador Program for their demonstrated dedication to year-round prevention activities and for their success in actively engaging students, parents and faculty in prevention.

“Spring is the season for school celebrations – and now 18 of the most dedicated schools in Florida have more to celebrate,” said Peggy B. Sapp, President and CEO of Informed Families. “Informed Families All Star Safe, Healthy and Drug Free Schools understand the importance of spreading healthy, drug-free messages to help students and families make good choices surrounding alcohol and other drugs, ultimately saving lives. Our programs are designed to curb underage drinking, substance abuse and other risky behaviors - and the impactSonia_Ambrose_Students is real, thanks to the involvement of schools across Florida – and especially our All Star Schools.”

The Informed Families Ambassador Program offers students, families, staff and administration the tools to deliver year-round prevention campaigns at the school level and in the community. Ambassadors are trained on Informed Families’ Four Campaigns (Safe Homes Smart Parties®, Family Day®, Red Ribbon Week® and Lock Your Meds®) and receive all the tools necessary to reach students, families and community members with fun and research-based prevention messages. The 18 All Star Safe, Healthy and Drug Free Schools made the greatest impact and achieved the highest outcomes out of hundreds of Informed Families Ambassadors during the 2014-2015 school year.  

Each winning school received a certificate for their achievement and a $100 gift certificate towards 2015 Red Ribbon Week theme (“Respect Yourself. Be Drug Free”) merchandise.

Here is a list of the winning schools and Ambassadors and Schools (in alphabetical order by county):AnneLewis

  1. Keller Intermediate School, Baker County - Anne Lewis/Principal David Davis
  2. Vineland Elementary School, Charlotte County - Michele Meservey/Principal Laura C. Blunier
  3. Pine Meadows Elementary School, Escambia County - Gina Burke/Principal Terri Fina
  4. Montclair Elementary School, Escambia County - Stacey Ladner/Principal Jennifer Sewell
  5. Ransom Middle School, Escambia County - Gail O'Neal/Principal Brent Brummet
  6. Grand Ridge School, Jackson County - Barbara Melvin/Principal Laura Kent
  7. Bowman Ashe Doolin K-8 Academy, Miami-Dade County - Jeanette Alvarez/ Principal Lisset Vazquez-Rios
  8. I & B Peskoe K-8 Center, Miami-Dade County - Sonia Ambrose/Principal Madelyn Sierra-HernandezSonia_Ambrose_Ambassador
  9. Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center, Miami-Dade County - Susan De Leon/Dr. Maria T. Soto-Rodriguez
  10. Key Biscayne K-8 Center, Miami-Dade County - Josefina Estrella/Principal Silvia Tarafa
  11. Vankara Christian School, Miami-Dade County - Tenielle Fenn/Principal Elvira Smith
  12. Sunset Park Elementary School, Miami-Dade County - Valerie Ortiz (Student Ambassador) & Melinda Rodriguez (Ambassador)/Principal Wendy S. Hernandez
  13. Glades Middle School, Miami-Dade County - Mary Thomas/Principal Cynthia Valdes-Garcia
  14. Meadowbrook Middle School, Orange County - Molly Fendrick/Principal Cheri Godek
  15. Apopka Middle School, Orange County - Anne Leatherbarrow/ Dr. Kelly Pelletier
  16. Cypress Creek High School, Orange County - Sonia Ledger/Principal Heather Hilton
  17. Independence Middle School, Palm Beach County - Regina McClimond/Principal Kathryn Koerner
  18. Freeport Middle School, Walton County - Laura Estes/Principal Charlie Morse

Media Recognition of All Star Schools:

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