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Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Posted by Informed Families on June 12, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Family picnicking in the park

Orginally published in Miami Kids magazine. 

Summer is finally here! We are all ready for a much needed break from homeschooling, and looking forward to some fun. However a less structured day, and minimal supervision can spell trouble for some kids and teens.

“It’s hard to keep tabs on your kids in the summer. Having family rules are essential all year, but perhaps even more so during the summer. They help keep kids, especially teens, out of trouble and give parents a little bit of peace of mind that their kids know guidelines exist and hopefully will be followed,” said Peggy Sapp, Informed Families President and CEO.

Establishing family rules are important. What are your rules? If you want to learn how to set and establish rules, contact Mery Dominguez at or 305-856-4886 about joining an Informed Families’ Parent Peer Group.

Spending time together as a family is great too. If you are looking for some ideas, don’t worry we have got you covered. Check out the list of activities of family-friendly summer activities below.

Remember communication is key

If you are enjoying an activity with your kids use it as an opportunity to talk and really listen to one another.

“The small, everyday things that parents do to connect with their kids make a big difference.  It’s really about the time you spend together. It’s the basis for building healthy relationships,” Sapp said.

The earlier you start connecting with your kids, the better. If your kids aren’t used to talking to you about what’s going on in their lives when they are 8 or 10 years old, it’s harder to get them talking when they are 12-14 years old.  

20 Fun Family Activities


  • Do a puzzle – create a cozy puzzle corner so you can complete complex puzzles over time
  • Watch a documentary – Netflix and Disney+ has some great ones
  • Write a story or play – get those creative juices flowing
  • Listen to a podcast – check out NPR’s Wow in the World
  • Build with Legos or blocks – an all-time favorite for younger kids


  • Take a walk – hit the beach or a nature trail
  • Do yoga – Cosmic Kids Yoga combines yoga, mindfulness and storytelling
  • Have a dance party - take turns being the DJ!
  • Bike riding – have your kids map out the route beforehand
  • Play charades – everyone can join in the fun


  • Pray – pray through words, art or song
  • Listen to music or sing – share some of your favorites with your children, and listen to some of theirs
  • Write in a journal – a great activity for reflection & goal setting
  • Meditate – everyone benefits from taking time out each day to "unplugged", relax, and focus.
  • Create a gratitude or vision board – hang the completed masterpiece up where it can be seen everyday


  • Wash the family car – kids love to help out
  • Draw murals outside with colored chalk – the driveway or sidewalk is your canvas
  • Garden – start an herb or vegetable planter
  • Go through toys, clothes and books – decide what you can donate
  • Volunteer – help your kids develop empathy & compassion for others


  • Play board games – so many great ones to choose from
  • Cook dinner together – the Food Network has tons of kid-friendly recipes
  • Watch a movie – perfect for a family night in
  • Have a picnic – this can be as easy as spreading a blanket down in your backyard
  • Tell stories about old memories – a great way to create new memories too


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