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Parents, Red Ribbon Week Is A Gift

Posted by Informed Families on October 7, 2014 at 12:13 PM

2014_NFP_theme_212X314Over the past couple of years, we’ve heard something really surprising from parents. Some parents have told us that either:

  1. they aren’t familiar with Red Ribbon Week or
  2. they don't know when it is taking place in their children’s schools.
Our response: what a complete and utter wasted opportunity! 

To give you a little background, Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in over a hundred thousand schools nationwide, reaching an estimated 80 million individuals annually, bringing awareness and support for safe, healthy and drug free children in the United States and beyond. Between October 23rd and 31st each year, schools organize Red Ribbon Week activities and celebrations, from pep rallies and essay contests to decorating the school and hosting special assemblies with prevention professionals and local celebrities providing a drug-free message to children.

So why is it a problem that parents may not be aware that Red Ribbon Week is happening?

Red Ribbon Week is a GIFT for parents. It is a natural opportunity to start or continue the dialogue with children about the dangers of drug use and abuse. By expressing disapproval of the use of drugs (and better yet, by promoting healthy lifestyles and self-love), parents can significantly reduce the likelihood that their children will use substances. Furthermore, by sending a consistent message both at school and at home, children are more likely to actually hear it.

Looking for guidance on how to talk to your children about this sometimes difficult topic? Don't know how to start the conversation? Not to worry! We have developed a parent guide just for you, featuring ten tips to keep your kids drug free and other great information.

Download The Red Ribbon Parent Guide





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