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President's Message - April 2020

Posted by Peggy B. Sapp, President & CEO on April 1, 2020 at 8:00 AM

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Adapting to Change…who likes it? The Answer…no one!

Adapting to the shelter-in-place order forced on us during the COVID-19 crisis is showing some early adapters: the winners are colleges and schools making the switch from sitting in a classroom to having the classroom on your laptop. Hats off to you!

One of my college-age granddaughters sent me a text yesterday, but when I called her back (generational thing) she replied back via text: I’m in class can’t talk right now.

Many schools are requiring the students to show up for their online classes in their school uniforms or in the school’s dress code. Schools are getting on with business, the content is the same, but the delivery is different.

Informed Families was scheduled to be closed for Spring Break this past week, but we canceled it. Why? So we could get our Lock Your Meds curriculum online and ready to use when Miami-Dade County public schools reopened on March 30. Schools, teachers, parents and students rely on Informed Families to provide them the latest information, tips, and resources to keep kids safe, healthy & drug free.

A friend told me about a family member who returned to Sweden and immediately joined other friends in a “Virtual Dinner Party”. The dinner party content is the same, people connecting with people over food to talk about their day, week, COVID-19, etc. but the delivery is different…it is online. People are social beings who are going to find ways to connect.  Isn’t that the wonder of Facebook?

Last night a sorority sister called me from Baltimore to join a Zoom Happy Hour…whoever heard of such a thing? But it was such fun connecting with people I haven’t seen in years.

In the last two weeks the COVID-19 pandemic forced Americans to make a major ONLINE shift in all areas of life: how we deliver everything from content, goods, food, medical services, church services and SOCIALIZING. 

We are starting to utilize the power that the Internet offers, we are in the process of creating new prototypes and business models. This is actually all very positive. We will be better off when this is over, but will we return to the OLD NORMAL or will there be a NEW NORMAL?

Are you ready to Adapt to the New Normal?  Ready or not; it is here.

We know current events may have an impact on our mental health. If you need a listening ear, Florida Blue has launched a 24-hour, free emotional support helpline for all Floridians, in partnership with New Directions Behavioral Health. Any Floridian – even if uninsured or insured by another plan – can call 833-848-1762 for support in managing feelings of stress, anxiety, grief or fear related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay safe. Play games and eat dinner with your kids. Start group texts and chats. Remember, you are not alone. Reach out and touch someone over the Internet or by phone. That’s the new normal.






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