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Safety and Behavior for Teens

Posted by Informed Families on October 23, 2022 at 7:48 PM

One of this month’s Family Table Time topics is safety and behavior. While it’s important not to blame victims when bad things happen to them, it’s also important that teens know which behaviors might put them at risk.

How-to-Recognize-High-Risk-Behaviors-in-teensUnfortunately, risky behavior is a part of being a teenager. They need to push boundaries to help them become more independent.

So you need to arm your kids with knowledge of ways they can stay safe. Here are a few tips that can help.

  • Never reveal personal information to strangers.
  • Always log out of their accounts.
  • Use the highest privacy settings available.
  • Always select a strong password.
  • Never share passwords with friends.
  • Never send nude or revealing photos to friends.
  • At a party, always keep your drink with you to prevent anyone from “slipping” something into it.
In Person
  • Always let someone know where you are at all times.
  • Never meet up with someone you met online.
  • Make sure your cellphone is charged and with you at all times.
  • Keep headphones and ear buds on low volume when you’re out walking or jogging. Better yet, leave them off.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn’t feel right, leave.
  • If you’re accosted, don’t be afraid to make a scene: yell, wave your arms, yell fire—anything to attract attention.
In the Car
  • Never text and drive.
  • Never drink and drive. 
  • Never take drugs and drive.
  • Never ride with a driver who is drinking, doing drugs, or texting.
  • Always lock car doors when driving and when leaving the car.
  • Always park in well-lighted places at night.
  • Keep your keys in your hand as you approach your car.
  • If you feel unsafe, ask someone to walk you to your car.
  • If you’re being followed, don’t speed up or stop: Call 911, report your location, and ask what to do.

We don’t want to make our kids so fearful that they become paranoid, but these common-sense precautions can help them stay safer.

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