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Teaching Your Kids Organizational Skills

Posted by Informed Families on August 28, 2022 at 11:00 AM

As kids transition back to school, they’ll need to brush up on their organizational skills. This is one of the topics in this month’s Family Table Time activity kit, which provides materials, tips, and conversation starters designed to foster family togetherness and participation.


Meanwhile, here are some ideas to help them get started!

1. Tell them the ‘why’

Hopefully, you’ve started your kids off right from a young age, having them put their toys back where they belong, putting dirty clothes in the hamper, and so on.

But when it comes to schoolwork, it’s important that they transfer those skills into the classroom. Let them know how being organized can not only help them be more successful in school, but in their future careers, as well.

2. Give them the tools

Proper tools are an essential part of being organized. A planner, for example, will help them keep track of assignments and due dates for each class, along with extracurricular activities. Having their schedule laid out like this in black and white can keep them on the right track.

Another necessary tool is a place to do homework, with proper lighting, file folders, and all the supplies they need. Above all, it should be a quiet place away from distractions.

3. Don’t over-expect

It takes time to establish good working habits, so be patient at first when their desktop is a mess, they forget an assignment, or their backpack looks like their papers exploded in there.

But do take such signals as a sign to step in and provide guidance:

  • Explain how having just one assignment on their desk at a time will help them concentrate better.
  • Show them how to organize their backpacks.
  • Help them break down larger tasks into smaller ones. 
  • Teach them about the importance of checklists and how to use them.

Good organizational skills will serve your children well throughout their lives, so now is the time to get them started.

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