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A Parent's Guide to Preventing Prescription Drug Misuse Among Youth

Posted by Informed Families on January 21, 2024 at 3:44 PM

At Informed Families, we're committed to helping Florida's children grow up safe, healthy, and drug-free. An area of growing concern is the misuse of prescription drugs among youth. As parents and guardians, you play a crucial role in preventing this issue. This guide offers practical advice and resources to help you safeguard your children against prescription drug misuse.


Understanding the Scope

Misuse of prescription medications is a critical problem, with 44.9% of these drugs obtained from family and friends. This fact highlights the need for vigilance and proactive steps in our homes to combat this issue.

Steps You Can Take

Educate Yourself and Your Family: Knowledge is power. Our Parent Pilot Kit (PPK) provides extensive information on teenage brain development, drug misuse, and effective communication strategies. Equip yourself and engage your children in meaningful discussions about the dangers of drug misuse.

  • Secure Your Medications: A cornerstone of our Lock Your Meds® campaign is to encourage parents to securely store and regularly inventory their prescription medications. By keeping these substances out of reach, we reduce the risk of them falling into the wrong hands.

  • Foster Open Communication: Use resources from our Red Ribbon Week campaign to start conversations with your kids about drug-free living. The Parent Pledge and planning guides are excellent tools for initiating dialogue and setting expectations.

  • Encourage Family Time: Our Family Day initiative underscores the importance of family bonding, especially over meals. Regular family dinners are linked to lower rates of substance abuse in youth. Make family time a priority.

  • Lead by Example: Your behavior and attitudes towards medication and health are powerful influences on your children. Set a positive example in how you manage and discuss health and wellness.

  • Stay Connected and Informed: Follow Informed Families on social media for ongoing tips, news, and updates on drug use trends and prevention strategies. Staying informed enables you to be a more effective guardian.

  • Engage with Community Efforts: Participate in community initiatives like the DEA's Take Back Day for the safe disposal of unused medications. Community involvement strengthens your efforts at home.

The fight against prescription drug misuse in youth begins in our homes. By staying informed, managing medications responsibly, and maintaining open communication with your children, you can significantly reduce their risk of misuse. Your involvement and actions can empower your children to make healthier choices.

Visit our website Informed Families for more resources and information. Together, we can create a safer, drug-free future for our children.


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