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How to Help Your Child Succeed in Life

Teens, Fentanyl, and Social Media—A Lethal Combination

Shattering the Myth of Marijuana’s 'Harmlessness'

Incorporating the Values of AA Into Your Everyday Life

U.S. Launches New Weapon in War on Fentanyl

How a Positive Attitude Can Affect Your Child’s Future

What Parents Should Know About Xylazine

April is Alcohol Awareness Month

How to Be Your Child’s Cheerleader

DEA Issues Public Safety Alert on Xylazine

Bucking the Trend, Oklahoma Rejects Legalized Marijuana

What to Do If Your Child Smokes Marijuana

The Iceberg of Denial

Teaching Kids Endurance

The Edible Marijuana Danger to Young Kids

Keeping Your Child Safe from Bullies

It's the Month of Love

The 2023 National Red Ribbon Week Theme

Helping Our Kids Take Pride in Their Accomplishments

Searching for Answers on the Fentanyl Crisis

Try Dry January . . . or Dry February . . . or Dry March . . .

Study Finds Teens Missing the Message on Vaping, Tobacco

The Right Way To Involve Your Child in Sports

One Child’s Fentanyl Death

Keep Your Kids From Taking Catfishers’ Bait

People Are Gifts

Teaching Kids the Meaning of Valor

When Should You Give Your Child a Smartphone?

Snapchat’s Small Step Toward Helping Parents Monitor Teens Activity

NY Governor Signs Red Ribbon Week Measure

DEA Issues Warning on ‘Rainbow’ Fentanyl

Safety and Behavior for Teens

We Have Something Extra to Celebrate This Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week Helps to Create Herd Immunity

Mindfulness Training Doesn’t Seem to Help Teens

Get On Board the Family Day Fun!

Marijuana Use Rising Despite the Dangers

Study: Kids Who Vape Are More Likely to Use Marijuana

We’re talking to YOU!

Teaching Your Kids Organizational Skills

Teens More Often Involved in Crashes

Legislative Alert: Act Now to Stop This Bill!

How Do We Reach Across and Communicate Through the Generational Divide?

Noah Cyrus Describes Xanax Addiction

Sun and Heat Health

Marijuana Use Linked to Higher Hospitalizations

How to Solve America’s Drug and Destructive Behaviors Problem

Why Do Teens Use Drugs?

Motivation: Tips for Making Your Child Care as Much as You Do

Protect Your Kids from ‘Sextortion’

The Importance of Fathers

Giving Teens the Gift of Hope

The Power of Family Meals

What Are Your Kids Hiding Online? Here’s How to Find Out

The Danger of Too Much Screen Time for Teens

Celebrating a Life Well-Lived

Teen Drug Overdose Deaths Spiked During Pandemic

Building Trust With Teens

Talking to Kids About The Slap

April Is Alcohol Awareness Month

It Can Happen to Anyone

There May Be No ‘Red Flags’

Helping Kids Make Smart Choices on Drugs

How to Talk to Kids About the Ukraine Crisis

Save Children: Vote Against The Legalization Of Marijuana

Another New Online Place That May Endanger Kids

Teaching Kids the Meaning of Patriotism

Giving Stressed Kids a Soft Place to Fall

President's Message - February 2022

Teaching Kids How to Fight Cyberbullies

Lock Your Meds, Save a Life

Encouraging a Positive Attitude in Kids

President's Message - January 2022

When Is It Okay to Tattle?

Dealing With Cranky Teens

The Holidays Are for Sharing

U.S. Announces Record Fentanyl Deaths

President's Message - December 2021

Why Granting Kids More Freedom is Good

Some Help In the Overdose Fight Is On the Way

TikTok Hand Signal Saves Teen

Helping Kids Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

President's Message - November 2021

Ecotherapy—A New Word for An Age-Old Solution

Topical Family Table Time Topics

DEA Warns of Tainted Pills

Warn Your Kids About Today’s Weed

President's Message - October 2021

Family Dinners Make a Difference

The Social Media Pressure to Be Perfect

Helping Kids Transition Back to School

President's Message - September 2021

Are Smartphones Making Teens Lonelier?

Family Structure Helps with Kids’ Anxiety

Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Dramatically

Spotting the Signs of Drug Abuse

What to Do When Your Child Lies

Back to School in 2021 — What are the rules?

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

Keeping Kids Safe from Dehydration

Curbing Teens’ Impulsive Behavior

President's Message - July 2021

Do You Know What Your Child Is Doing Online?

Getting Cooperation Without Threats and Bribes

The Many Benefits of Reading to Kids

President's Message - June 2021

The Surprising Benefits of Chores

The Lingering Damage of Spanking

Mindful Parenting Can Calm the Chaos

President's Message - May 2021

Help Kids Help the Earth

Telling Children Hard Facts

President's Message - April 2021

Letting Kids Be Unhappy

Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse—Get the Facts Out

The Hidden Benefits of Community Service

Marijuana Unsafe for Younger People

President's Message - March 2021

Prevention Saves Everyone Money

Exercise Is Key to A Healthy Mind and Body

Pandemic Putting More Children at Risk

President's Message - February 2021

Journaling for Kids

Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19

President's Message - January 2021

The Giving Bonus

How to Help Kids Deal with Bullies

Helping Children Develop Resilience

President's Message - December 2020

Reading Up On Your Family’s Heritage

Reinforce These Skills for Drug-Resistant Kids

Family Table Time Fosters Togetherness

President's Message - November 2020

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Virtually

Red Ribbon Week Starts Now!

Join the Red Ribbon Mask Challenge

Enter the 2020 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest

Family Day Photo Contest Winners 2020

President's Message - October 2020

Help Us Spread Awareness About Family Day

Family Day is Every Day this September

President's Message - September 2020

Announcing 2020 Red Ribbon Certified Schools

President's Message - August 2020

Worried About School in the Fall? Family Table Time Can Help

Family Table Time gift to Essential Workers

President's Message - July 2020

Grandparent of the Month - June

Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Let's Show Dads Some Love

President's Message - June 2020

Dinner at Joe's Goes Virtual

Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Underage and Binge Drinking

Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know

President's Message - May 2020

Myths About Underage Drinking That May Be Hurting Your Teen

Family Day is Every Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We Want to Help Our Teachers: Lesson Plan and Online Curriculum Ready for Your Students

President's Message - April 2020

Fun Family Prevention Activities

Is COVID-19 a Greater Threat to Teens Who Vape or Smoke?

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week 2020

How Are Your Kids Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Family Survival Guide - How To Make Chores Less Of A Chore

A Dangerous Mix: Spring Break and Underage Drinking

President's Message - March 2020

A Life Changing Event

You Could Be the Next Lucky Winner

Sipping while shopping? Slippery slope may lead to increased alcohol use

2020 Red Ribbon Theme

President's Message - February 2020

Give 'Dry January' a Try

President's Message - January 2020

2019 Red Ribbon Photo Contest Winners

President's Message - December 2019

U.S. Postal Service Reveals New Drug Free USA Forever Stamp

Spotlight on Dinner at Joe's Co-Chairs

President's Message - November 2019

2019 Red Ribbon Certified Schools Recognized

DEA National Red Ribbon Rally

Family Day Photo Contest Winners 2019

President's Message - October 2019

Red Ribbon Photo Contest 2019

Schools Embrace Family Day

Youth Ambassadors Help Spread Prevention Messages

What Parents Need to Know About Teen Vaping

Family Day Photo Contest 2019

President's Message - September 2019

National Survey on Drug Use and Health Findings Announced

President's Message - August 2019

President's Message - June/July 2019

President's Message - May 2019

Miami-Dade Students Present on Drug Prevention Efforts in Their Schools and Communities

34th Annual Dinner at Joe's

President's Message - April 2019

Prevention Awareness Key in Fight Against Opioids

Orlando Students Present On Drug And Alcohol Prevention

President's Message - March 2019

Remembering Betty Chapman & Herta Holly

President's Message - February 2019

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