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Topical Family Table Time Topics

DEA Warns of Tainted Pills

Warn Your Kids About Today’s Weed

President's Message - October 2021

Family Dinners Make a Difference

The Social Media Pressure to Be Perfect

Helping Kids Transition Back to School

President's Message - September 2021

Are Smartphones Making Teens Lonelier?

Family Structure Helps with Kids’ Anxiety

Drug Overdose Deaths Spike Dramatically

Spotting the Signs of Drug Abuse

What to Do When Your Child Lies

Back to School in 2021 — What are the rules?

The Importance of Exercise for Kids

Keeping Kids Safe from Dehydration

Curbing Teens’ Impulsive Behavior

President's Message - July 2021

Do You Know What Your Child Is Doing Online?

Getting Cooperation Without Threats and Bribes

The Many Benefits of Reading to Kids

President's Message - June 2021

The Surprising Benefits of Chores

The Lingering Damage of Spanking

Mindful Parenting Can Calm the Chaos

President's Message - May 2021

Help Kids Help the Earth

Telling Children Hard Facts

President's Message - April 2021

Letting Kids Be Unhappy

Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse—Get the Facts Out

The Hidden Benefits of Community Service

Marijuana Unsafe for Younger People

President's Message - March 2021

Prevention Saves Everyone Money

Exercise Is Key to A Healthy Mind and Body

Pandemic Putting More Children at Risk

President's Message - February 2021

Journaling for Kids

Helping Kids Cope with COVID-19

President's Message - January 2021

The Giving Bonus

How to Help Kids Deal with Bullies

Helping Children Develop Resilience

President's Message - December 2020

Reading Up On Your Family’s Heritage

Reinforce These Skills for Drug-Resistant Kids

Family Table Time Fosters Togetherness

President's Message - November 2020

Celebrate Red Ribbon Week Virtually

Red Ribbon Week Starts Now!

Join the Red Ribbon Mask Challenge

Enter the 2020 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest

Family Day Photo Contest Winners 2020

President's Message - October 2020

Help Us Spread Awareness About Family Day

Family Day is Every Day this September

President's Message - September 2020

Announcing 2020 Red Ribbon Certified Schools

President's Message - August 2020

Worried About School in the Fall? Family Table Time Can Help

Family Table Time gift to Essential Workers

President's Message - July 2020

Grandparent of the Month - June

Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Let's Show Dads Some Love

President's Message - June 2020

Dinner at Joe's Goes Virtual

Virtual Scavenger Hunt on Underage and Binge Drinking

Marijuana: What Parents Need to Know

President's Message - May 2020

Myths About Underage Drinking That May Be Hurting Your Teen

Family Day is Every Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We Want to Help Our Teachers: Lesson Plan and Online Curriculum Ready for Your Students

President's Message - April 2020

Fun Family Prevention Activities

Is COVID-19 a Greater Threat to Teens Who Vape or Smoke?

National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week 2020

How Are Your Kids Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Family Survival Guide - How To Make Chores Less Of A Chore

A Dangerous Mix: Spring Break and Underage Drinking

President's Message - March 2020

A Life Changing Event

You Could Be the Next Lucky Winner

Sipping while shopping? Slippery slope may lead to increased alcohol use

2020 Red Ribbon Theme

President's Message - February 2020

Give 'Dry January' a Try

President's Message - January 2020

2019 Red Ribbon Photo Contest Winners

President's Message - December 2019

U.S. Postal Service Reveals New Drug Free USA Forever Stamp

Spotlight on Dinner at Joe's Co-Chairs

President's Message - November 2019

2019 Red Ribbon Certified Schools Recognized

DEA National Red Ribbon Rally

Family Day Photo Contest Winners 2019

President's Message - October 2019

Red Ribbon Photo Contest 2019

Schools Embrace Family Day

Youth Ambassadors Help Spread Prevention Messages

What Parents Need to Know About Teen Vaping

Family Day Photo Contest 2019

President's Message - September 2019

National Survey on Drug Use and Health Findings Announced

President's Message - August 2019

President's Message - June/July 2019

President's Message - May 2019

Miami-Dade Students Present on Drug Prevention Efforts in Their Schools and Communities

34th Annual Dinner at Joe's

President's Message - April 2019

Prevention Awareness Key in Fight Against Opioids

Orlando Students Present On Drug And Alcohol Prevention

President's Message - March 2019

Remembering Betty Chapman & Herta Holly

President's Message - February 2019

Announcing the 2019 Red Ribbon Campaign Theme

Family Focus: The Polewski Family

President's Message - January 2019

Informed Families Welcomes Outstanding New Board Members

Let's Shatter The Myths About Drug Use

Students Earn $1,000 For Their Schools In South Florida Red Ribbon Video Contest

President's Message - December 2018

Orlando School Wins National Red Ribbon Photo Contest

2018 Red Ribbon Week Highlights

President's Message - November 2018

Family Focus: The Strunck Family

Family Focus: The Mendell Family

Paragon Residential Detox Center Celebrates Red Ribbon Week With I-95 Billboard

President's Message - October 2018

Family Focus: The Sundt Family

How Many Florida Children & Teens Drink Or Use Drugs?

President's Message - September 2018

Family Focus: Melissa & Demetrius Branca

President's Message - August 2018

Last Year Was The Worst Year In US History For Drug Overdoses

President's Message - July 2018

Family Focus: Ginger Katz of the Courage To Speak Foundation

President's Message - June 2018

Orlando Schools Earn National Recognition & Red Ribbon Certification

Suicide Prevention for Children & Teens

President's Message - May 2018

33rd Annual Dinner At Joe's A Huge Success

President's Message - April 2018

President's Message - March 2018

Joe's Pre-Party At Miami Cancer Institute

President's Message - February 2018

Introducing The 2018 Red Ribbon Theme: Life Is Your Journey. Travel Drug Free.™

Webinar: Strategies To Prevent Underage Drinking

President's Message - January 2018

Opioids In Florida: The Latest Stats

President's Message - December 2017

Informed Families Partners With The National Institute On Drug Abuse

Announcing The FL Red Ribbon Photo Contest Winner

Star Ambassador: Freda Colley of Duval County

President's Message - November 2017

Informed Families Receives $25K Grant To Expand Safe Homes Smart Parties

Red Hot! Schools & Communities Across Florida Celebrate 2017 Red Ribbon Week

President's Message - October 2017

It's Red Ribbon Week (October 23-31)

Congratulations To 2017 Family Day Contest Winners!

President's Message - September 2017

Red Ribbon Week Is Almost Here. Here's What You Can Do...

Results from the 2016 National Survey on Drug Use & Health

President's Message - August 2017

President's Message - July 2017

[Press Release] Schools and Organizations Named Informed Families All Stars

5 Reasons Why You Need to Highlight Student Achievement

President's Message - June 2017

Introducing the Informed Families 2017 All Star Schools

Why Do Kids Use Drugs?

President's Message - May 2017

It's Summer! How Family Rules Keep Kids Out of Trouble

32nd Annual Dinner At Joe's: A Huge Success

Teen Drug Facts: The Dangers of OTC Drug Abuse

How to Encourage Student Success

Why Safe Graduation Parties Are Important for Florida High Schools

Talking with Your Teen About Buzzed Driving

Sponsors Step Up To Support Annual Joe's Dinner

How Stewart-Marchman-Act Treatment Centers & IF Work Together To Deliver Affordable Prevention

President's Message - April 2017

What Actually Goes On at High School Parties?

President's Message - March 2017

Florida High Schools: How to Keep Your Prom Drug-Free

Parenting Classes: How to Have the Hard Conversations

Save The Date - Dinner At Joe's Is May 15, 2017

Star Ambassador: Martina Belotti of Monroe County

Florida Middle Schools: Is It Too Soon to Talk About Drugs?

Help Your Teen Throw Fun (and Safe) High School Parties

How to Enforce Family Rules

President's Message - February 2017

Prescription Drug Abuse Facts For Teachers

Children of Alcoholics Week Offers Hope

Creative Ways to Highlight Student Success at Your School

Parent Resource Center: How to Talk to Your Kids About Drugs

Adderall Use vs. Adderall Abuse: Know the Signs

President's Message - January 2017

Teen Drug Statistics: What Could Amendment 2 Mean for You?

The Super Bowl: A Teachable Moment

National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week: Teacher Tools

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We teach people how to say no to drugs and how to make healthy choices. To reduce the demand for drugs, Informed Families has focused its efforts on educating and mobilizing the community, parents and young people in order to change attitudes. In this way we counteract the pressures in society that condone and promote drug and alcohol use and abuse. The organization educates thousands of families annually about how to stay drug and alcohol free through networking and a variety of programs and services .

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